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costa rica kitesWe’re very excited to test out the new 2012 kites now that the Costa Rica kiteboarding season is starting. At the top two spots for kitesurfing in Bahia Salinas and Arenal Lake there seem to be mostly three brands of kites out there, with other kite brands interspersed from leftovers and visiting Kitesurfers who bring their own gear. Those top kite brands are shown below with introductory videos and description for one of each of their flagship kites: Cabrinha, North, and Best Kiteboarding. If you want to test these out or buy kites in Costa Rica, check out the gear page for the top kite gear sellers.

The three kites are the North Rebel, Cabrinha Switchblade, and Best Kiteboarding TS.

First, here’s an intro video from the Cabrinha team. Check out the connecting and disconnecting start which talks about the kitesurfing mode, what every Kiteboarder is looking to link to, whether in Costa Rica or anywhere else:

The North Rebel 2012

From the kite manufacturer: The 2012 Rebel remains North’s flagship kite, combining all the ingredients you need to cover a huge wind-range, rip apart any size surf, boost huge airs and ride comfortably in nearly all conditions. It is quite simply our best interpretation of what a modern free-ride/wave kite should be and it’s really no mystery why the Rebel is THE most sold kite ever. The 2012 Rebel remains a loaded 5th line kite, offering its most acclaimed performance attributes like a short bar stroke, crisp, direct feeling, rock solid stability in all conditions, and it’s unique ability to steer while de-powered. The new square wingtip design maximizes the effective tip area, makes the tips less prone to distortion and fluttering while steering and gives the Rebel its new stylish and modern appeal. Super clean tip panels account for greatly improved, ultra smooth turning and easy handling that remains smooth even in over-powered conditions. Size-specific tuning ensures that the big sizes feel crisp and lively and the small sizes feel forgiving even in blistering wind. The Rebel also features a simple back-line adjustment to tune it for greater or lesser bar pressure to suit your desired feel.

2012 Cabrinha Switchblade

From the kite manufacturer: The 2012 Cabrinha Switchblade has become synonymous with versatility. Its reliability and predictability are two of the reasons why it excels as a performance wakestyle kite as well as an all around freeride kite. The number one choice of Wakestyle riders world wide, the Switchblade delivers a stable source of power which transfers into incredible pop. Once in the air, the kite will steer effortlessly with minimal input from the rider. The Switchblade is excellent for unhooked or hooked in riding in just about any conditions. If there is one kite that can back up all of the accolades being thrown at it, it’s the Switchblade wakestyle, freeride kite.

2012 Best Kiteboarding TS

From Best: We’ve taken the original Taboo concept and brought it even closer to perfection. The TS has more low end grunt, better slack line feel and faster turn initiation. It’s the
perfect kite for riders who want the performance of a C-kite with the stability and easy handling of our legendary SLE designs.

Sure, there are other kites to look forward to, but these are at the top of our list. Let us know if you see any other kites that should be on the list for testing in Costa Rica this kiteboard season ( and who has it 🙂 ).

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