Costa Rica wind forecasts

There are plenty of places to kitesurf in Costa Rica, but the ones listed below are consistently the top spots for kitesurfing and kiteboarding in Costa Rica. Take a look at the forecasts and keep in mind that the best wind season in Costa Rica is typically November to April. For some of the Central Pacific areas and on the Carribean you can try the July-October season as well, but just not as consistently good.

Costa Rica wind patternWind patterns and the weather in Costa Rica are generally predictable in a general sense. Intense heat at the equator puts the air in motion and establishes the worldwide pattern of winds which affect both coastlines of Costa Rica.

The most famous of these, for Costa Rica, are the north-easterly trade winds, known locally as the “vientos alisios”. These winds blow with considerable force from December to March and April and are great for kitesurfing. These winds are responsible for carrying moisture in the form of mists to the slopes of the Tilarán mountain range next to Lake Arenal and sustain the magnificent cloud forest ecosystem. A similar pattern carries wind from the Costa Rica and Nicaraguan border, specifically from Lake Nicaragua, into the Bahia Salinas area which is one of our favorite kitesurfing spots.

Bahia Salinas Wind Forecast

The wind forecast table is usually a good indication of how the wind will be on-site at Playa Copal. If you see wind speeds over 8 knots and from the North, Northeast, or East you can add twenty-five percent to the forecast. The wind thermals on the way down from La Cruz will really boost the winds by the time they get to the kitesurfing beach. Read more about kitesurf Bahia Salinas >>>

Lake Arenal Wind Forecast

The northern area of Lake Arenal, where the kitesurfing launch areas are, is difficult to forecast in detail. There are quick changes in weather throughout the day, including wind speeds. Use the information below as a guide and keep in mind you may need to adjust throughout the day depending on varying wind conditions coming into Arenal from the Caribbean Coast. The wind is here is sideshore and most ramps set up for port tack. Read more about kitesurfing in Lake Arenal >>>

Map of places to kitesurf in Costa Rica

Jaco Wind Forecast

Definitely not your typical spot, but the wind can crank up during the off season May-October with a fun 3-5 hour session possible for kiteboarding or even kitesurfing the moderate waves on the beach.

Puerto Viejo wind forecast

For the adventurer and in case you’re in the area. This isn’t your ‘safe bet’ for kitesurfing, but as the videos prove, it’s definitely kiteable… Watch some Costa Rica kitesurf videos.

Top Kitesurf SPOTS

Read up on the best spots for kitesurfing in Costa Rica: Find some local resources for your kiting adventure:

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Watch local riders, pros, and top kiteboarding footage. Costa Rica kitesurfing videos from visiting kiters, local riders, and each of the best places to launch a kite.   Media Gallery

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