Lake Arenal Kitesurfing

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Lake Arenal Resources

Lake Arenal, specifically the northernmost tip of the lake, is a well known spot for wind sports. Rated amongst the top windsurfing lakes in the world, Lake Arenal in Costa Rica offers some of the most consistent high wind sessions in the world, making it and ideal location for kitesurfing. The wind here is very strong and can blow continuously 24/7 during peak months. So much so that this is the epicenter for wind energy in Costa Rica.  It’s exciting, challenging, and a great setting for your next kiteboard adventure.  There are two launch sites, both well equipped, and you simply can’t beat the views of turning windmills, green hills, blue lake water, and the amazing conic-shaped Arenal volcano at the other end of the lake.

Kiteboarding in Lake Arenal

TicoWind Lake Arenal Kitesurfing spot
All of the launch spots for kiteboarding and windsurfing on Lake Arenal are located on the northern area of the lake.  There are usually several windsurfers on the water along with the kiteboarders, but the volume of people is still quite low and not an issue.  Although there are several options, your best bet is to launch from the eastern side of the northern tip, at the TicoWind spot.  The launch area is well setup, with several services, a grassy area for rest, and a somewhat slippery slope to get into the water.  From here, you’ll be able to tac south to kite and play along some small islands, cross over to the western side of the lake for longer rides, or simply enjoy the chop and swells for some tricks off the lip.

The beach is long, rocky (bring some sand shoes), and beautiful. You’ll get some choppy waves in high wind near the beach and 4-6 foot waves without a break further out. There’s about 5 or 6 hundred feet of flat water at the reef perfect for wakestyle and some old school jumping, including a sand/rockbar visible in low tide which is great for experienced jumpers.



You have several options to learn to kitesurf in Lake Arenal, but we highly recommend heading over to Tico Wind on the northeastern tip of the lake. Check out the top kitesurfing schools in Costa Rica and their kite gear which is available both for rent and for sale.

Wind forecast for Lake Arenal kitesurfing area

This area of the lake is tough to forecast, with quick changes in weather throughout the day, including wind speeds. Use the below forecast as a guide and keep in mind you may need to adjust throughout the day depending on the Atlantic push coming into Arenal. The wind is here is sideshore and most ramps set up for port tack. Even though it’s a lake, the chop and swell can rise almost to two meters, though it’s usually between 0.5-1m.

Kitesurfing Videos for Arenal Lake

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Lake Arenal

WIND: sideshore
WAVES: chop with significant swell - no break
SEASON: October through May
BEST: December - March
OTHER: Volcano views
SPOTS: TicoWind & Tilawa

How to get to Lake Arenal Spots

Video & Photo

Watch local riders, pros, and top kiteboarding footage. Costa Rica kitesurfing videos from visiting kiters, local riders, and each of the best places to launch a kite.   Media Gallery

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