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Pura Vida kiteboarding video

Pura Vida Kiteboard Costa RicaHere’s a great PURA VIDA kiteboarding video shot over several months of travel and kitesurfing.  With a name like that, anyone that’s traveled to Costa Rica would say this was all about kiteboarding “Costa Rica”, drinking some Imperial, and even visiting some of the lesser known kitesurfing spots on Costa Rica’s pacific coast or even the odd kite day in Puerto Viejo.

The video is an original from Pett.  Pett is a snowkiter, kiteboarder.  It’s a short movie from several months of living, travelling and kitesurfing around Spain and Portugal – sorry, no Costa Rica kiteboarding on this one. Still, it’s a good video with kite-viewpoints, shots from a camera mounted on the board, and some edited footage of wakestyle kiteboard tricks.  Cehck out some great jumps around 2:45 and the series of missed landings and kite crashes around 4:50.

The track on the video is Sweetest girl by Wyclef Jean (live from Madrid)

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