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There are several options in Costa Rica for kiteboard and kitesurfing lessons at all levels. You’ll want to choose the site that fits your needs best and browse through the different instructor options available though, as prices, availability, and style vary significantly from place to place. Renting equipment is easy at any of the top spots. You’ll find major brands like Cabrinha, North, Best Kiteboarding, Slingshot, Liquid Force, and other major and smaller brands.

Kitesurf Lessons in Costa Rica

Check out our listing of kitesurf instructors currently based in Costa Rica. Although there are other options for lessons, you’ll find these are the top instructors, with their own equipment and setup. They often have assistant instructors or local riders helping out for the season between November and May.

kitesurf instructorsKitesurfing schools

No matter whether you’re just getting started with your first kite lesson or looking for some help with new tricks, you have several options for kitesurf schools, instructors, and spots.

You can choose your preferred place to kitesurf, whether it’s fresh water on the lake and salt water on the bay, and then review the instructor options for different styles of teaching and certifications.

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Kitesurf and Kiteboard equipment

To find the kitesurf equipment you want in Costa Rica all you need is some time to research and decide. You’ll find options for locally produced kiteboards (KitesurfinGroove) and plenty of options of top kiteboarding brands for rental, used equipment, repair/maintenance, etc…

kitesurf equipment in costa ricaHow to buy, rent, borrow, or sell kitesurf equipment in Costa Rica

There are several options for buying brand new kitesurfing equipment in Costa Rica.  They’re not really accessible in the city, but rather at local kiteboarding spots on Lake Arenal and in Bahia Salinas in northern Guanacaste.

You can also find kitesurfing gear for rent or used gear at discounted prices, from previous seasons and from traveling kitesurfers.

Kitesurf Equipment in Costa Rica…

Top Kitesurf SPOTS

Read up on the best spots for kitesurfing in Costa Rica: Find some local resources for your kiting adventure:

Video & Photo

Watch local riders, pros, and top kiteboarding footage. Costa Rica kitesurfing videos from visiting kiters, local riders, and each of the best places to launch a kite.   Media Gallery

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