Kiteboarding in Costa Rica Guide


Want to kiteboard in Costa Rica?
Need some recommendations for kiteboarding instructors and kiteboard schools in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica Kiteboarding guide is a great resource to start off with your research and planning. You’ll get some local and insider tips and the most important information you’ll need, summarized into a kiteboarding digest specific to Costa Rica. Whether you’re a first-timer looking for some lessons or a professional kiteboarder looking for a secret spot or to meetup with local riders, the Costa Rica kite surf guide will start you off on the right foot.

Here’s what you’ll get with the guide:

Kiteboarding guide

  • Maps and interactive links for the top kitesurfing spots in Costa Rica and some lesser-known places to launch
  • Recommendations for what to bring and what to leave behind for your kitesurfing trip
  • Independent reviews of local kitesurf, windsurf, kiteboard, and related services at the top kiting spots in Costa Rica
  • Tips for kitesurf travel any time of the year
  • How to book and enjoy your kite surf trip in Costa Rica

Video & Photo

Watch local riders, pros, and top kiteboarding footage. Costa Rica kitesurfing videos from visiting kiters, local riders, and each of the best places to launch a kite.   Media Gallery

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