Kitesurfing schools and instructors in Costa Rica

There are many kitesurfing schools, instructors, and options for anyone looking to start in the sport or to learn some new kiteboarding tricks. Browse the listing below for your kitesurf lessons, pick your instructor, be safe and have some fun.

Keep in mind that each kitesurf instructor covers a certain area and sticks to basically one spot, so you’ll need to choose where to kitesurf in Costa Rica and then match that up with your favorite kite instructor there. Enjoy your kitesurfing lessons in Costa Rica!

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Nicola Bertoldi Blue Dream Hotel

Nicola Bertoldi

Bahia Salinas / Playa Copal
CostaRica Kite
Blue Dream Hotel
Teaching since 2000 and the first kitesurfing instructor in Costa Rica, Nicola Bertoldi is an encyclopedia of knowledge for this spot with a great relaxed attitude, good teaching style, and the flexibility to accomodate all kinds of lessons and guests. He speaks English, Italian, and Spanish.
Bob Selfridge Cometa Copal

Bob Selfridge

Bahia Salinas / Playa Copal
Cometa Copal Kitesurfing
Bob Selfridge is a PASA instructor with 5+ years experience. He was an emergency medical technician (EMT), lifeguard, and educator.
PEter Hopley TicoWind

Peter Hopley

Lake Arenal
Peter Hopley is IKO certified and the top option for kitesurfing lessons on Lake Arenal. Peter’s kite school, Tico Wind, teaches exclusively with Cabrinha Kites.
Kent Graninger La Sandia

Kent Graninger

Playa Copal / Bolaños Island
Kitebording CostaRica
La Sandía 
Kent Graninger is PASA certified and a professional kiteboarder. He’s able to teach many facets of kiteboarding and is very knowledgeable about gear.
CostaKite Fernando Toscano

Fernando Toscano

Bahía Salinas
CostaKite School
Fernando is an instructor with 8 years experience in Spain, Mexico and now in Costa Rica. He speask spanish and english and has based his CostaKite school in Bahia Salinas.

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