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There are tons of videos and clips of both local and visiting kitesurfers and kiteboarders in Costa Rica.  We’ve listed a few of those below, but feel free to send us any kitesurfing video you’d like to feature on KiteCostaRica.net or let us know if you find a good resource of Costa Rican videos that other kitesurfers will enjoy.  We’ll link out to that video or page.

The volume of kitesurf videos follow the general popularity of each of the kitesurfing areas in Costa Rica.  As you’d expect, there are more kiteboarder videos from Bahia Salinas and Playa Copal.  Very cool to see a growing number of 1st person cams with the GoPro mounts on the helmets, kiteboard, and on the actual kites too.  The next most popular kiteboarding video spot is for the northern part of Lake Arenal, near Tilaran, and the rest are the odd pick-up from random kitesurfing episodes on the Pacific and Caribbean coasts.  Some good stuff below, but send in your picks or anything new that you find…

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