SUP (Stand up paddle) downwinder trips

SUP (Stand up paddle) downwinder trips

Blue Dream Resort offers the best SUP downwind trip you can fin in Central America!
it’s a 7 kms downwind that let you surf 1 mt or higher wind waves, with over 20 knots of wind. Sometimes in Bahia Salinas, wind can get over 40 knots of wind, especially between January and March, so it’s a perfect option to kitesurfing, when it starts to be too windy!
Every lift between the finish point and the starting point is $15 (divided among the 2 or 3 riders).
SUP rental is $40 per day
SUP lessons is $20 for 1 hour (1/3 people in the same group)
Optional guide during the trip is $20 for each downwind.

This is a great option for those that do not want to stop the action even when wind conditions are too extreme for kitesurfing.


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