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Traveling to Costa Rica for kitesurfing lessons, to practice your moves on a kiteboard, or as an experienced rider can be a great experience. There are several well known spots, options for local equipment rental, local riders, and plenty of kitesurf instructors, of all kinds.

There are kiteboard and kitesurf-specific resources to research, plan, and book your trip online, but a good general place to start can be the official Costa Rica tourism website (  Adventure tourism is popular in Costa Rica, but it’s a term used mostly for rafting, canopy, and the more typical tourist experiences in the country.  However, we know you’re looking for a kitesurf experience, so let’s get started…

When to travel to Costa Rica to kitesurf

Kitesurfing in Costa RicaTravel to Costa Rica is easy year-round, but the best time to kitesurf is typically during the windy season November through April.  The best months are December, January, and February. You can take a look at the Costa Rica wind forecasts for kitesurfing and just remember that during the windy season you won’t need to worry about checking conditions, you’ll be able to ride pretty much every day. For some of the Central Pacific beaches and on the Carribean you can try the July-October season as well, but it’s just not as consistently good. Local holidays when the beaches and kite spots will be most crowded are December through February, Easter week, and then again in July. You’ll need to plan in advance and try to book ahead if you want to travel on those dates.  But not to worry, kitesurfing spots in Costa Rica are never too crowded.

Choosing a place to kitesurf in Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers wonderful beach and lake locations to enjoy both kiteboarding and kitesurfing.  Although there isn’t year-round kiting, you’ll be able to find spots most of the year, with excelent wind conditions October through May.  Check out some of the top spots below or visit the Places to Kitesurf in Costa Rica page  to learn more about each area.

The two top spots are Bahia Salinas (Playa Copal) and Lake Arenal – indicated with green markers in the map above, each with it’s own charm and particular wind conditions, scenery, and kiting resources.  These spots are never really crowded, but offer a combination of equipment services, ammenities, and local kiters that make them fun and safe. Kiteboarding in Bahia Salinas is amazing.  It’s our favorite spot.  You’ll find  strong winds, mild waves, and a great bay for beginners with plenty of room for advanced kitesurfers.  The beach is only used by kiteboarders who share it with whales, turtles, dolphins, and natural vegetation.  Lake Arenal is a great spot for kitesurfing.  It’s well known and a favorite among windsurfers, but it also offers two seperate launch areas and incredible lake & volcano views for kiteboarders.

Pick a kiteboarding school, instructor, and equipment

Learning Kitesurf in Costa RicaYou do have options when it comes to kitesurfing lessons and instructors in Costa Rica.  In fact, you’ll find kiteboarding equipment and lessons suitable for almost all levels, from first-timer looking for a first kitesurfing lesson to advanced riders looking to tweak out some tricks or smooth out the rough edges.  You’ll want to choose the kiting spot that fits your needs best and browse through the different instructor options available though, as prices, availability, and style vary significantly from place to place. You can rent or buy pretty much anything you need at any of the top spots, but it’s always best to plan ahead and call or bring your favorite accesories. You’ll find major brands like Cabrinha, North, Best Kiteboarding, Slingshot, Liquid Force, and other well-known and smaller brands.

Check out our compilation of kitesurf instructors currently based in Costa Rica, both at Lake Arenal and the Bahia Salians and Playa Copal area in northern Guanacaste. Although there are sometimes other options for lessons, you’ll find these are the top instructors and most consistent, with their own equipment and setup. They often have assistant instructors or local riders helping out for the season between November and May.

Book your hotel and travel for kitesurfing in Costa Rica

Kiteboarding sunset hotel in Costa Rica You’ve picked your dates and are ready to start booking your kitesurf adventure in Costa Rica.  Good job.  You’ve already reviewed the different kitesurfing spots and picked your favorite or decided to do two or more, so you’ll need to book places to stay at each one. Your best bet is to coordinate with your favorite kitesurf instructor at that spot as well, since many have their own setup for board.

If you want to review the kitesurfing hotels in Costa Rica, check out our spot-specific resources for kitesurfers:

And, if you still need some more info, jump over to our latest updates and kitesurfing news in Costa Rica for reviews, tips, and other information..

Top Kitesurf SPOTS

Read up on the best spots for kitesurfing in Costa Rica: Find some local resources for your kiting adventure:

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Watch local riders, pros, and top kiteboarding footage. Costa Rica kitesurfing videos from visiting kiters, local riders, and each of the best places to launch a kite.   Media Gallery

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