Wind forecast for top 2 Costa Rica kitesurf spots

Costa Rica wind patternHere are the wind forecasts for the top two kiteboarding spots in Costa Rica. You’ve probably already seen that the best months at these spots are November-May. In fact, many hotels and kitesurfing schools close during the off-season, so be sure to check if you decide to go during the non-windy season. You may still get some wind and there are other options down on the Caribbean or kitesurfing the Pacific coast June-October. If you need more kitesurfing information for Bahia Salinas Kiteboarding or Kitesurf Lake Arenal, just follow the links.

Wind for kiteboarding Bahia Salinas & Playa Copal

This is a good indication of how the wind will be in Salinas. If you see wind indicated over 8 knots and it’s coming from North, Northeast, or East add 25% to the forecast since the thermals on the way down from La Cruz will really boost the wind. Great place to kitesurf.

Forecast for Lake Arenal kitesurfing area

Use the forecast as a guide and keep in mind you may need to adjust throughout the day depending on the Atlantic push coming into Arenal. The wind gusts here can be pretty strong and the weather changes often during the day, especially if cloud cover makes it past the mountain range.

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